The Menz Will Have Their Thighs Out! It’s Romphim Season!

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Yo baby! Yo baby yo! 

Wassup my fine Nubian brotha, them thighs lookin’ mighty thick in that rompa! 


I don’t know how it started but I am overcome with emotion. The men are about to be out here wearing the rompers and making us break our necks, honk our horns and remove our sunglasses to get a better look! 

They’re talking solids, prints – stripes and florals. Come to mama! 

Summer ’17 is about to be one we will never forget. I don’t know if the men are ready to experience such a vulgar conversation surrounding their thighs and their booties; they’ll deal. Bodies looking like they belong in an early 00’s hip hop video. Make sure yall lotion them thighs, knees and them ankles. Put it on display! 


BTW whose daddy is this?! 

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