Access Denied: Lock The Gate On Chrisette Michele and Tina Campbell

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We’re going to have parties that Tina Campbell and Chrisette Michele will never be invited to and rightfully so. 

I am all for living your truth, but to engage a big, orange bigot like Donald Trump and turn around in awe of why your standing outside of the gates of blackness is — Sis. You ok? 

Chrisette Michele used the term choice shaming to help Tina Campbell for better about her exile from the country of Blackington. And you know what? She’s right. Tina made a choice and she’s being shamed for it. Not because people disagree with her but because that choice was ignorant. She sat on The Real and sad she chose Donald Trump because he was a Christian and *frown*.  I need bullet points. What evidence shows that Donald Trump is Christian besides the fact that he says God now and then? 

God was probably looking down on Tina when she said that like: 

And I love how defensive she got.  “…and do I choose to give anymore of my time to anybody who has an opinion about my right to vote, and who I vote for…not at all…?” Oh sister friend, you better stop this ill-informed vomit coming out of the hole in your face. Girl what?! 

How do you get defensive about being wrong as hell? We might’ve given her a plate at the cookout if she would’ve said, “I made mistake.” I said give her a plate, I didn’t say nothing about letting her in. Step back sis. 

I do appreciate Chrisette’s tenacity. Homegirl, thought she had enough clout to bring people together during her inaugural performance. Ain’t that cute? 

She wore that  Basquiat dress and thought folks were going to link arms. FIRST OF ALL, they were all for Trump so who was she bringing together when they rode in buses together. And them white people didn’t know who she was. Double whammy. 

The Life And Times And Unfortunate Events of Chrisette And Tina isn’t something that I revel in but, until they do right by us everything they touch gone crumble. Let them stand outside in this fall weather. 

Close door family! It’s cold and yall letting all the heat out! 



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