Azealia Banks Compared Skin Bleaching To Wearing Weave And Girl, No.

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Let’s get one thing out of the way, Azealia Banks has many screws loose. She has taken it upon herself to offend almost everyone in existence and doesn’t seem to give two fucks.

I wonder how much she cares about her offensiveness now that her Twitter account is deactivated.

Recently, Azealia posted a video pretty much admitting that she’s assimilating into white culture. Instead of biting the bullet and standing in that truth she turned around and compared skin bleaching to wearing weave. Unfortunately, Azealia didn’t get the memo of plays into the negativism of colorism. People who bleach their skin simply believe that having lighter skin is better which leads them to believe that having lighter skin will guarantee them a more privileged life. Now I don’t know any other reasons why one would bleach their skin.

Now when it comes to weaves and/or extensions that has become apart of our culture as women, ALL women not matter what color or ethnicity, everyone wears weave. Black women may be the largest consumers when it comes to weaves and extensions of different textures. Could there be some underlying truth that some women don’t like their kinky/curly hair texture? Sure. Could that be apart of the white assimilation that we as African people have faced in a world that thrives on white supremacy? Sure. Is that the case for EVERY black woman who wears weave? Absolutely not. Black hair is very versatile. Lucky for us our kinky/curly hair textures can literally do anything – braids, weaves, crochet braids, blow outs, etc.

Skin bleaching is a pretty permanent thing to do and different hairstyles are just that. So comparing the two only shows ones ignorance and unwillingness to confront their self-hate without throwing other black women under the bus. 

Sorry Azealia but just like many other actions you’ve taken and opinions you’ve stated; you stand alone girl. 


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