Beyoncé Is Releasing A Documentary At The End Of This Year!

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The announcement of the new documentary comes 14 days after Beyoncé posted pictures of her newborn twins Rumi and Sir Carter. 

I am always ecstatic about anything chronicling Beyoncé’s life off stage, that being that side that an audience rarely sees. This documentary will chronicle Bey’s pregnancy, the backlash from ‘Formation’ and the Formation tour. And we may hear a Beyoncé speak the infidelities of Jay-Z. 

Beyoncé and cinematography go very well together. From ‘Life Is But A Dream’ to ‘Lemonade’ she has taken us on a ride, that is nothing less than magical because of her talent and celebrity but very familiar because many of her struggles are universal. 

There’s an apparent bidding war between HBO and Netflix for this documentary. It will be very interesting to watch this unfold. 


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