Black Culture Doesn’t Look Good On You Miley Cyrus. Put It Back!

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A few years ago Miley Cyrus took off her Hannah Montana costume and put on her black one, in which she used black women as props and made big bucks off of black culture. If you’re surprised you shouldn’t be. Blackness seems to be the go-to gateway drug for white pop stars trying to make more money and “broaden” their image. The reality is, they use blackness to get what they want and then they go back to their regular selves, when they feel that blackness no longer benefits their brand. 

Miley Cyrus threw her constantly twerking, filthy faux locs and black slang in the nearest city landfill when she found it beneficial to “clean up” her image. They use black culture as a means to rebel against society, while not thinking about their appropriation. When they want to move back into their Mansion of Whiteness they put their black experiment into a safe box and never look back. So imagine my surprised when she tried to put a nice little white, pop twist on Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel. 

Ahhht! Ahht! Ahht Miley! Put black culture down. 

She been on her Woodstock/Country shit for a nearly year and then this. She said Hip Hop wasn’t her thing, that she was distancing herself from it because it over-sexualizes women. Hip Hop ain’t a salt and pepper shaker, you just can’t pick it up and put down when you want. 

White people have loved black culture since they’ve witnessed it. They’ve stolen it and capitalized off of it with little to know recognition of the people who started it. Christopher Columbus’s DNA runs through the veins of many white Americans. It’s amazing to see how silent these people are when it comes to specific issues plaguing the black community. The silence is deafening.

In closing, white people should just ignore black culture like they do racism. 


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