Camila Cabello Really Sat Back And Let Her “Representatives” Tell Her Bandmates She’s Leaving The Group

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And then there were four. 

Great now they can split everything evenly. Camila knows she’s dead wrong for having her spokespeople tell the rest of the girls that she’s ready to bounce. They’ve been a group for 4.5 years. You think she would have the decency to tell them to their faces. They were polite enough to wish her well in their released statement: 

I’m not a Harmonizer but I do know that there are folks who believe this is the biggest mistake Camila can make because I guess when your vocals are mediocre…. I mean there are a lot of pop stars who have made it with mediocre voices. Hey Taylor! Hey Selena! And don’t for a second compare Camila dropping out as a the same condition as Zayn leaving One Direction. False Equivalence! Because Zayn has the range. And she had the audacity to leave the group like they’re Destiny’s Child or TLC. Fifth Harmony needs a few more years under their belts before one can wander off into the darkness alone. Where you going Camila?! 

I mean the only girl I can see leaving and folks supporting is that Normani. She stays ready so she don’t have to get ready. I appreciate her. Now Camila, when you find yourself caught in the rain with nowhere to go, don’t expect the girls to open the door for you. You left. And with the way you left I hope if you do come knocking, they let you see them peeping through the hole and they go on about their business. 


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