I Changed My Mind, I Like Bernice Burgos

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Ok so I never not liked her. I just heard her speak a few times, never an interview, always on Snapchat. I admit. I made a unfair judgement. She voiced her opinion on a few topics and I was like, “Ehh, this girl is not intelligent at all.” 

I am was wrong. Bernice is very intelligent and a hustler; the thing I admire most about her is her spirit. She’s a positive person and she seems like the girl that gets along with everyone. What opened my eyes was her Breakfast Club interview. She spoke about her judging LaLa Anthony before she met her. We all have this notion that celebrities are stuck because they’re famous and rich – for some that’s not the story. They happen to be famous, rich and down to earth.  She feels like she found a friend in LaLa, they talked for hours over lunch. Her experience with LaLa and the way she greets people has opened my eyes a lot. I’m more of a recluse. I like to observe in silence, without the distraction of conversation, unless I’m comfortable around you. Reclusiveness can cause you to miss opportunities and you never know who you’ll meet. That’s what she said and she was right. Anyone can change your life. Especially if you want a career where you have to be around people anyway, get the practice that’s going to make perfect right now. Thank you for the life lesson Bernice! 

I can also see why Bernice attracts a lot of haters. Listen, the girl is stunning and the fact that she has an outgoing personally is the cherry on top. She’s the cool chick and that doesn’t sit well with a lot of jealous women because people always look for flaws – everyone has them but it’s hard to find Bernice’s. Her personality is dope. Beauty, intelligence and a dope personality is a lethal combination. 

This girl is DOPE! 

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