‘Chante You’re Lying”: Wendy Williams Calls Chante Moore During Part 2 Of R&B Divas LA Reunion

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Asking for %1 of proceeds that are meant for charity will always be a big fat no. 

Chante Moore knows better than that, but Chante always knows how to press her luck in already perilous situations. Leelah James brought Chante’s “idea” to the forefront during the reunion after Wendy asked about the song. 

Chante insisted that she wasn’t just asking for her but for the other ladies–even though none of the ladies cosigned her request for %1 of the proceeds. Her ceaseless efforts to clear her good  name showed how inconsistent her character is. Chante is very soft spoken and laid back but the shade she throws is All-Star worthy. And somewhere in the back of someone’s mind she’s just as sweet as pie because, her personality isn’t aggressive and she’s not as “turnt up” as someone like Lil’ Mo or Stacy Francis. 

But as she began to get fed up with the ladies who called her out on dragging them into her bullshit, Wendy William host of the reunion chimed in. “Chante, you’re lying.” This was surprising, normally Wendy asks problematic questions and throw a little shade here and there, but never has she just come right out with the real. 

Chante was taken aback by Wendy declaration, “How can you tell me I’m lying and you weren’t there?” She asked irritated. “I watched the show!” Wendy did have a point. As a viewer we saw exactly what Chante asked. There was no logical way to spin this situation into the fault of editing and the producers. We saw it. We heard it. 

I never thought Chante would be the greedy goblin of the group. Leelah James was having no more of Chante’s antics. Needless to say, Chante never got a chance to be on the song. Leelah James confessed that she wasn’t clear on where Chante’s head was in terms of business and she didn’t want to risk anything or be in the center of Chante’s obtrusive drama. 


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