Culture Kleptomaniac Kylie Jenner Releases Brown Sugar Bullshit After Fenty Beauty Release

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Kylie get the hell on!

You know these Kardashian Jenner girls can’t stand for the world to give attention to someone else other than them. And God forbid it be a black girl. Barbadian Badass Rihanna recently released her makeup line Fenty Beauty and had the innanets poppin’ and coins comin’ in all weekend. Kylie is trying to snatch the gold at the end of Rihanna’s rainbow by releasing some basic bullshit ass brown sugar lipkit shade. I won’t have it!

Rihanna has had all these white owned brands shook with the color range of her foundation. This is what happens when a black girl includes black girls, she sets the world on fire. It’s sad that the polyurethane-based girl made her intentions so obvious. What black girl is buying products from the white girl surgically enhanced her lips to look like ours in the first place?

Kylie Jingleheimer Schmidt sit in a corner and reevaluate your life and try and figure out how exactly you gone make it without having black girls lead the way. It’s probably hard to think about that reality because my goodness, it can’t happen. Plenty-O-Plumps really has some nerve. She could’ve even wait a week, just gone show the world that she’s full blown follower, though the world knows. 

Can’t compare a Calculated Caucasian to a Melanated Master Slayer. 

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