Don’t Give Omarosa An Invitation To Nothing Else!

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I’ve been fed up with Omarosa since that time she came on the Wendy Williams Show acting a fool. 

A coon she is to even be in the presence of a white man that don’t see it near or far for black people. She’s an egotistical with her self-esteem level on E because she can’t answer a question to save her life. Last week she was invited to the National Association of Black Journalists’ annual convention. Why? I still don’t understand. 

They invited her to speak on a panel centering police brutality. The audience consisted of black parents who’d lost their sons to police brutality. Omarosa got on stage and began speaking about the deaths of her father and brother who were NOT killed by police – just wanted to get a little pity. When asked how she could sit in the white house after Orange Orangutan voiced his opinion numerous times about the police brutality, she became defensive. 

Black folks, there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. Just because somebody share the same color skin don’t mean they’re kin. Omarosa does not have the black community’s best interest at her. She’s an opportunist. She’ll do anything to get ahead including stand next to a white supremacist and defend him. She’s trash. 

And she needs not to receive invitations of anything centered around blackness, not Sunday dinners a Big Momma’s house, not BBQ’s at Aunt Clara’s, no panels, no BET Awards, Black Girls Rocks’– NOTHING. She is shrewd woman who condones violence against black people at the hands of whites. She has clearly picked a side. If she doesn’t respect us as human beings then she should not being able to share our joys. 


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