Dorit Why You Hatin’?

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Dorit your husband liked getting a glimpse of Erika’s “pretty little puss” and you’re jealous about it. I get it girl. Dorit can’t sleep at night because she can’t fathom her man squirming in his seat over another woman’s yoni. How do I know? She can’t stop talking about the fact that Erika went commando under her Thierry Mugler dress. Your husband didn’t say a word he just made sure he his eye lines up with Erika’s patted puss. Don’t be mad at Erika, sis. ¬†Take that up with your man. Nip it in the bud she we won’t have to hear it anymore.

Rinna is telling the truth, she was hard on Lisa or at least she believes she was. I have a very different opinion. I don’t know why PK decided to interrogate Rinna during dinner. And Elliot Mintz. What the hell was he talking about? Jesus, PK couldn’t stop picking Rinna apart. Is he a housewife? Would he like to host the next reunion? Would he like to hold the diamond and create a tagline? WTH! Once Eileen found out what happened at PK and Dorit’s dinner party she nailed them to the cross quick. They were fishing for a reason to find fault in Rinna and Eileen’s actions so they can vindicate Vanderpump. It’s all very clear and I’m glad Eileen figured it out right away.

When Dorit made her way to Malibu to meet up with Eileen she brought up the fact that she was talking about her at the previous party and all of a sudden Dorit doesn’t remember. Now either she’s lying or she needs some damn help and I know there are great neurologists in Beverly Hills. While Erika, Rina and Eden Sassoon (Vidal Sassoon’s daughter) spilled the tea on Kim and her sister’s first movie and how that movie set was the beginning of drug use and alcohol for Kim, her sister and Robert Downey Jr. GIRL! Rinna almost fell out her chair, you could see if from the look on her face.

So here comes the hate. Erika, Eileen and Dorit are at Camille’s house. Bringing Erika’s 9th number single seems to have Dorit in a internal frenzy. She can’t even congratulate Erika, jealousy was oozing from her pores. Everything that came out of Dorit’s mouth on this week’s episode was some ol’ hating ass shit. PK and Dorit love to double team I see, on behalf of their good friend Vanderpump. I wonder if Vanderpump is being a spider this season, by using PK and Dorit as her little soldiers.

We will see.

Until next time…

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