Evelyn Girl, Please Don’t Go Back To Basketball Wives

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The rumors have been swirling and now confirmed by Evelyn Lozada herself. 

Your girl from The Bronx is back! #BBWLA

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But why?!

Evelyn has come so far from jumping across tables and throwing bottles. She secured a show on OWN! Do you know what happens on OWN? The most ratchet thing that ever happens on that network is scripted, written on Greenleaf or one of those soap opera shows that Tyler Perry writes, and I don’t even think that that’s equivalent to ratchetness. So why go back to VH1 when you have peace and love on OWN?

Evelyn revived her whole brand. It was polished, it was grown and sexy, it was mommy. But it will be tarnished now that she’s decided to go back to Basketball Wives. Evelyn and Draya are the only ones that really came out of the black hole of ratchetness and were able to shed that skin and become more of a universal brand. Of course I don’t know if Evelyn is coming back to the show as her old self (I hope not) or her mature self but she was a success story, and I’d really hate for her to lie down with dogs and get up with fleas, it’ll be harder for her to get them off the second time around. 

Evelyn would be better off on WAGS. It’s the more classy version of Basketball Wives on E! If I’m being honest Evelyn would really flourish on there. 

I don’t understand why Shaunie just can’t let Basketball Wives go. It’s antiquated much like American Idol was and America’s Next Top Model; some things just need to be thrown in the archives or the trash. These women on Basketball Wives really have nothing else and you can tell by the way they act. Tami however would be more successful with #bonnetchronicles that almost always go viral than being on this ol’ dusty show. There is not one person of substance on this show.

Watching Evelyn go back to this is like watching someone that’s been sober for years have whole bottle of Hennessy to themselves. 


Here’s what Evelyn had to say about why she’s going back: 

How ever this turns out we wish Evelyn nothing but success and happiness! 

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