Kellyanne Conway Has Resurfaced Under Strange Circumstances

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Last week SNL did a skit surrounding the fact that Kellyanne Conway hadn’t been seen in a while – missing. And like many others I hadn’t know noticed that the talking corpse had disappeared in the background. 

Today she has returned. Donald Trump fired Director of FBI James Comey. Kellyanne appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show to do what she does best, evade the untruthfulness of her boss. Candidate Trump praised Comey once upon a time for the same exact thing that he fired him for today: An investigation. 

Trump did everything in his power not to walk out during his campaign trail and grab his dick at the fact that James Comey released irrelevant information about Hillary Clinton’s emails so close to the 2016 Presidential election. He boasted about James Comey and how he’d done the right thing – my how the tables have turned! 

Comey was investigating Trump’s ties with Russia and now he is fired. This is parallel to what Richard Nixon did in 1973 during the watergate investigation. Nixon fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, ultimately leading to the impeachment of Nixon in 1974. 

This is all very strange. 

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