I Hope Blac Chyna Single Handedly Tears Down The Kardashian Empire

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The Kardashians have built their empire by stealing parts of black culture, posting it on social media and introducing it to their out of touch fans so they can go around and tell their friends about what they Kardashians “invented”. Meanwhile, the Kardashians are stalking black women’s Instagram posts trying to figure out what their next fashion “trend” is going to be. 

No doubt black culture is how the Kardashians have stayed relevant, it’s not just their beauty because regular white girls prosper in the entertainment world unless they’re actresses, musicians or runway models. And we know the Kardashians are simply influencers. And they mustn’t let their fame flame get weak and what keeps that fire ablaze? Black culture. 

Black culture is not a business though it makes people, especially white people a lot of money. And we can’t sue the shit out of the Kardashians because our shit ain’t trademarked. So imagine my surprised when I found out that the Kardashians are blocking Blac Chyna (Angela) from trademarking her married name ‘Angela Kardashian’, it’s very ironic if you ask me. 

Block the black girl from making bank on the name, claiming she’ll ruin their brand. If anything Angela will save this tragedy of a sinking ship that is the Kardashian brand. People love success stories and Angela is definitely one of them, she owns more than one business and she’s worked her ass off BEFORE she met Robert. That’s more than the Kardashians can say because they inherited the foundation of their wealth. Their father left them $100 million in his will. That was definitely enough for them to start their empire. 

But Angela’s story is better and more inspirational: A girl who came from the rough streets of D.C. to becoming a successful entrepreneur and wife to the late Robert Kardashian’s son and mother of the first black Kardashian baby. Angela can do nothing but legitimize the Kardashian brand. 

But let’s face it a REAL black woman becoming a Kardashian and raking in big bucks just for her last name would have the culture vulture Kardashians shook! 

I’m behind Angela Kardashian 100%. Do what you gotta do sis, even if it means tearing their kingdom down.

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