House Republicans Tried To Be Sneaky And Gut The OCE

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The House Republicans are sneaky as fuck! 

And they are making sure that they remove anything that will make their quest to taking over the government along with their new dictator Donald Trump a smooth ride. Today the House Republicans voted to dismantle the Office of Congressional Ethics. 

What is the OCE?

The Office of Congressional Ethics consists of six board members and a group of investigators who gather documentation from media reports and the public, conduct private interviews and pretty conduct an in depth investigation to determine whether federal laws were violated. After the OCE find that laws have been violated they vote to inform the House Of Ethics committee which then does its on investigation. 

Why is the dismantling of the OCE important? 

In 2006 the OCE was created because of copious amounts of ethical corruption. Of course when the office was put into place it received backlash from both republican and democrat lawmakers, its targets. The overt criticism by both parties was in reference to the office’s thorough investigation process, which caused fear of prosecution within both parties. Once establish the OCE did it’s job which landed three representatives in prison: William J. Jefferson, Democrat of Louisiana, Duke Cunningham; Republican of California; and Bob Ney, Republican of Ohio. 

Throughout the last eight years we’ve seen congress get worse and worse. And the evidence over the last few months has proven that Washington will be on the brink of collapse under the rule of Donald Trump. Reports of corruption and conflict of interests regarding Donald Trump are surfacing on a daily basis and in place would have the OCE working overtime – a lot of convictions, a lot of prison time. 

This vote was a secret. Yes, the republicans went behind everyone else’s back and voted because let’s be honest, they live in corrupt. The voting took place early Monday morning and was announced later on Monday by Mr. Goodlatte; the gutting of the OCE was actually proposed by him. Now when this happens the OCE will be overseen by the House of Ethics Committee and renamed the Office of Congressional Complaint Review. When the OCE was established it already had limited power and was not able to subpoena, imagine the lack of power it will have now. Any investigation that the OCE conducted could be shut immediately by the House of Ethics Committee by written request, which is definitely a conflict of interest. The House of Ethics Committee is historically biased and will in turn down further investigations on lawmakers who feed their interests. 



The decision to gut the OCE has been overturned as of January 3, 2017.

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