My Husband And I Don’t Have To Live In The Same Home

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Traditionally husband and wife are to live in the same home. I’ve decided that maybe I’m going to make my own rules in the name of a holy matrimony. 

I like my space and I like silence. And it wouldn’t be nice for me to walk in the house that I share with my husband and say,”I don’t want you here! Can you just go for a few hours? Days?” So I’ve decided to be on my Carrie Bradshaw shit (not traditional in the slightest). Remember that in Sex In The City 2 we found out that Carrie kept her old apartment for “writing”. Though I beg to differ, I believe she kept her apartment for her sanity. 

Carrie is much like me when it comes to sharing space with the male species. They just don’t do things right and a living space is very intimate and sacred. I don’t want anyone ruining that for me. So I’ve decided that before I have children I want my husband to keep his own place and I’ll keep mine. That’ll keep it fun, less tension. I don’t have to worry about him putting the dishes back wrong or not cleaning toothpaste out of the sink. There will be no fighting over the remote and I don’t have to come home to his friends and family chilling in my living room. 

I also have never been completely comfortable with sleeping in the same bed with someone. I like to call myself a rump shaker in bed and not for the reasons you may think. I move a lot, more often now than in previous years. And I would like to have the freedom to roll off my bed onto the floor if I so choose. I don’t want a man acting as my barrier messing up wild sleeping flow. 

Summers in Jersey are hot, sometimes excruciating. I can find beauty in a beautiful man sheathed in creme-colored sheets with his skin glistening from perspiration but sis it’s HOT! And I want to be miserably hot in my bed by myself. Feel me? I’m not saying hubby can’t spend the night sometimes. But I won’t hesitate to roll over, caress his face and ask him when he’s living. 

This is a win-win! 

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