Why I’m No Longer Supporting Alissa Ashley

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I am no longer as supporter of Youtube vlogger Alissa Ashley. 

First read the text messages below, then I’ll explain my decision. 





More and more people are starting to recognize the economic significance of supporting black businesses. Sadly, many have confused supporting honest support and supporting for reward . Most black businesses are small. These businesses simply cannot afford to give away free stuff, even if it’s for promotion. 

If your desire to support black businesses is genuine you would buy their product(s) and upon your satisfaction you would promote them however you see fit, doing otherwise exposes you as one of those black people who “supports” black business for nothing other than hopes for compensation. And if they can’t afford to compensate you you’d further expose yourself by slandering them via social media and to anyone who will listen. If free stuff is your main reason for promoting black businesses then are you really about the economic growth of black people? 

And so quick to expose black business for their dissatisfaction in their customer service are the same people who continually patron white business after they’re mistreated. I believe customer service should always be on point, but I can also comprehend the struggle of running a small business. So if you’re going to expose businesses for something you don’t like expose them all. 

Just because a business is a black business does not require them to succumb to your demands. You can’t get the hookup just because you’re black – stop asking for discounts and free products; it’s disrespectful. People are working hard to keep their businesses afloat and you have your hand out. Why? You should be willing to pay for their goods and services just like you’re so willing to pay everyone elses. 


  • Shay

    Reading this article filled me with disappointment. I think something many don’t understand is that most YouTubers with large audiences, or even small audiences, don’t put out videos just for fun- it’s their JOB. For most it’s their only source of income. A large chunk of that income comes from affiliations and collaboration with brands, NOT from solely views contrary to popular belief. Alissa has supported this brand for almost a year, even when they weren’t as well known as they are now. The company has sent her products and has offered her commission for the sales she brings in in exchange for the publicity she gave the product. For a brand to enter into this sort of agreement and then break their end of the deal is unprofessional, not to mention the way they responded to her when she had very real reason to be upset- they didn’t send her the commission she was promised. She held up her end of the deal and they didn’t. Just because the business is smaller and black owned doesn’t mean they should be held to any less of a standard of professionalism that bigger brands are held to- if anything, they have a bigger need for professionalism if they ever want their business to gain the same amount of traction considering the odds are against them to begin with! To be upset with the way Alissa handled the situation is understandable- even she apologized for that specific aspect, but to insinuate she was only after free products is not only rude, but BLATANTLY inaccurate and slanderous. Please take the time to research the whole story before posting what you THINK you may know to an impressionable audience!

    • IAmShataiya

      Thank you for your comment. I did my research before posting this article as I usually do. My opinion still stands. Have a great day!

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