It Took Long Enough: America’s Next Top Model Is Over After 22 Cycles

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Up until a few days ago I didn’t know America’s Next Top Model was still a thing. Gone are the days I waited anxiously to see whose glossy photo Tyra would reveal amidst her melodramatic declaration: “You are safe this week.”

Yoanna House, Nnena, Eva Pigford, Tocarra Jones, Yaya DaCosta, and Isis (the first transgender woman to be name ANTM)  were some of the models and who went on to do great things in the fashion world. Though the show couldn’t keep my attention after the fifth season, it still remained the icebreaker during events between fashionistas and reality tv watchers. Tyra, Jay Mendel and Miss Jay did a fantastic job with the way they prepped the contestants for the dog-eat-dog world of fashion. If you didn’t know, a few years after the premiere the show became a co-ed show, allowing both men and women the opportunity to become America’s Next Top Model.

The first and hopefully last of its kind, America’s Next Top Model has produced some of the best models in the fashion and we’ll be forever grateful. But the time has come to move on; thank God the time is now! 

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