Burn IT: Pennywise Had Horrible Fashions (SPOILERS)

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I’ve never been afraid of clowns. And I’ve heard the horrible stories of killer clowns, seen the masks, watch the shows – I’d never seen IT. I could point out Pennywise in a line up but, I’ve never actually seen the movie. Friday the 8th came and I was there, sitting in a cozy recliner in the AMC theatre. I was excited, not knowing the plot of the movie made me anxious. 

I would can’t IT a horror movie because there wasn’t a lot of gore. I thought for sure that this would be similar to Texas Chainsaw massacre or Friday the 13th. To my surprise it was more of a psychological thriller. Pennywise is a bottom feeder. He feeds on the fears of children because he hates them. What ever that kid is a afraid of Pennywise will manifest into it. You don’t know where he is or how’s going to get you. And the only way to become exempt from his antics is too simply not be afraid of him and kick his ass. 

I was very intrigued by the NEW Pennywise he looked more creepy than the original. His antiquated Victorian costume is what made me cringe. It wasn’t be because of his horrid fashion sense but because something about the Victorian era always made the hairs stand on the back of my neck. I understand Pennywise lives in the sewer but I wish he loved himself enough to brighten and modernize his wardrobe. Poor thing. The formation of the new Pennywise’s hair would send shivers down your spine. Just a big, hot combed mess. A little curl pudding enhanced twist out would’ve worked wonders for him. 

When he peeked out from the storm drain and greeted little Georgie “Hiya Georgie!” I had to laugh because there was a strange mix of fear and familiarity that I could quite come terms with. So, laughing was the only option. The friendship that the kids had really warmed my heart. Richie has coulrophobia (fear of clowns) but he still went in anyway. I never thought the fear of clowns was irrational. I totally get it. I would’ve run home if I were Richie. I understand his conscious wouldn’t let him do so. Richie being trapped in a room of what looked to be a clown shrine was the most hilarious part of the movie. The fact that clowns are supposed to make you happy but this one is a killer moved me to breathtaking laughter. It is horrible really, but that’s the way my mind works. 

I really enjoyed the movie. I can’t wait to get the DVD and save to scare the hell of out my future children. 

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