Khloe Kardashian’s Ex Is Anti-Black Arab Fuck Boy. Surprised?

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It’s Thursday and while I’m anxious about finding out what happened to Huck folks are on Twitter arguing about French Montana. 

Did you know that for the longest time I thought French Montana was a DJ Khaled? Like he was just on song yelling? That’s what I thought. Then he dated Khloe Kardashian and I still only saw him through the guy-who’s-dating-Khloe Kardashian lens. If you named one of his songs I’d cock my head to the side because you gone have to sing or hum me a tune for me to put my finger on the true identity of this men. I’m not sorry either. 

Apparently, Khloe wasn’t answering French’s phone calls so he found time to search his name on Twitter where he found a young lady saying that no one care’s about it. 

He was offended and instead of just blocking this young lady, he threw the ultimate temper tantrum, following the templet for anti-blackness: 

And we all know who came in flying through the Twitter skies and sliding down the Twitter walls to defend their beloved fuck boy French. Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Black men defending anti-blackness. What’s new? 

There’s many more where this came from. Now there’s nothing wrong with a clapback. But there is definitely something wrong with a clapback being rooted in anti-blackness. See the difference? There were plenty of tweets going around denouncing French Fry’s anti-blackness because he’s from Morocco. First, Trina’s sloppy seconds ain’t black. He’s a non-black Arab man. Secondly, even if he was black that tweet was still anti-black, because black people can be anti-black too. 

I feel icky even having to explain this. 

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