Kim Kardashian Has Two BLACK Children, That Won’t Stop Her From Excusing Racism Though

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You should expect nothing from white women as far as speaking out against injustice. Expect even less from RICH, white women who love black penis. Most white women who love black penis don’t give a damn about anything else.

Kim Kardashian has a history of dating black men exclusively. Stupid black men who don’t realize that she doesn’t give a fuck about them. Now she has brought TWO black children into this world. And even still, by her actions, that don’t matter either.

I’m not surprised Kim told her fans to get over Jeffree Star’s racist remarks about Black women. White people so often think of their “black friends” as different than their stereotype of black people well that’s why we see Kim posted up with LaLa, Serena and Ciara. I’m so glad Beyoncé doesn’t fuck with her.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t think of her kids as part of the black community. Hell, she doesn’t even really know her husband. She doesn’t understand what that he verbalizes as it comes to his mind, because these days neither do we. We did understand, once upon a time was that black man from Chicago. The man who grew up in the hood to a mother was an educator; a mother who encouraged him to reach for the stars. He did just that.

But he failed on the part of having a partner that can fully understand his struggles as a black man in this country, whether rich or poor. I know I shouldn’t but, I always wonder if this would be Kanye’s life if Ms. Donda hadn’t died on that operating table.

I’ve always felt bad for him losing his mother. I’ll never get over him comparing Kim to Michelle Obama. I had always been a little apprehensive about calling Kanye a coon, but that’s when I knew he was gone. Kim is trash. It’s been that way for awhile now. And I’m pissed because I used to like her, she was my favorite Kardashian, then it was Khloe. Now I don’t like either one of them. If I had a gun to my head and I had to choose out of all of them it would be their dog Gabana. 

We have to lower bars for any white woman who would sit next to something that looks like it’s dying from Mad Cow Disease to promote her contouring products. 

And Jefree Star has some nerve to say anything about black women. This thing is definitely not of earth. 


Kim made a video apologizing after yall dragging her off her high horse. Yall know like I know that the apology given was genuine. White mama of black babies still don’t get it. As long as she’s worrying about how many Instagram likes and followers she has she never will.

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