Almost Twenty Years Later The Wife Pays Homage To A Hip Hop Legend, The Mistress

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No sense in still having beef over a dead man twenty years later. 


I never thought I’d see the day when Faith Evans and Lil’ Kim would even acknowledge each other, but alas! 

There was Faith with her signature red tresses and her snatched waist giving all praises to Lil’ Kim the Queen Bee – many of us were howling at our tv’s.  Things got slightly awkward when Faith talked about how sometimes Kim had beef with Biggie, then she added “sometimes she had beef with me”– not an “oh, no she didn’t” awkward; more of a “I can’t believe she said that but oh well” kind of awkward. It was all good. 

Faith and Kim’s history is tumultuous. Kim was in love with Biggie; they shared something special– romantically and musically. Biggie turned around and married Faith. Biggie thought he could have his cake and eat it too and he did; Kim and Faith both became flames of the Notorious B.I.G. With unspoken acknowledgement comes envy and Kim’s feelings were unequivocal. 

Occupying Brooklyn rap trenches together Kim and Biggie worked their way to the top.  Work, sex, love, abuse it was all there, it was all dysfunctional it was passionate. Significant moments shared between Kim and Biggie, of course some we may never know, but there’s no doubt those nameless moments shaped Kim’s being. She loved him and she makes it clear in present times that that love will never break away. 

One thing that will remain a mystery is the extent of Big’s love. Did his love for Kim hold the same weight as her love for him? Did he love two women at the same time? What was it that made Biggie marry Faith instead of Kim? 

All Kim has are memories. Memories that she’s probably never shared with anyone, memories that the world understands. Those memories are bold and bright, too vivid to diminish – to precious to surrender to the universe because there was never any future. Christopher Wallace would be 44 today. And there’s no doubt that he would’ve been on that stage with Diddy when he honored Kim tonight. 

Sadly, since those memories, good and bad are all Kim has to keep the space for Biggie occupied in her heart and mind it’s hard to imagine the betrayal still not stinging just a little even after all these years.

Some say Lil’ Kim’s countless surgeries and lighter skin tone (whether it be makeup or bleaching) is a direct result of him pushing her to the side for Faith – the girl with good hair and light skin. And it could very well be the truth; though I don’t believe it was the start of Kim’s self-esteem being crippled. 

Many of us may not have seen it before but now it is very clear: Kim exuberated confidence, leadership in the name of women. She did the work to inspire us even though she was broken internally. She put on her outfits and when got on that stage she went to war. Her performance and mere presence fought misogynoir and boys respected her for it. And for that, for her strength, kick ass presence, lewd lyrics and fearless fashion we are forever grateful. 

After all the love-triangle-turmoil Faith made it clear on the Wendy Williams show in 2013 that she has no beef with Kim (though she caught Kim in bed with Biggie during their marriage) she let it all go after his death. Hopefully that major moment tonight reaches someone who is harboring harsh feelings over a love lost.

Years later genuinely kind words fell from Faith’s mouth about Lil’ Kim. That’s growth – but when your husband’s mistress is one of the pioneers of hip hop, the face of sexual liberation for black women with unprecedented lyricism – you gotta give her props. 




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