All Lives Matter Memeber T-Boz’s Cousin Was Gunned Down By Police

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When the chickens come home to roost. 

T-Boz also known as one-half of the All Lives Matter group T-Boz & Chili is shocked and saddened that tragedy can too come knocking on her door. The singer’s cousin was murdered by police in Peoria, Illinois after robbing a store. Police shot Eddie Russell Jr. 17 to 20 times. T-Boz is upset about police using her cousin’s mother to lure him out of his home. 

She said her cousin had mental issues and police promised mother that they would get him the help he needs. The said part is T-Boz has not been listening. This is how story always goes. Cops lie that’s what they do it’s apart of their Blue Lives. T-Boz has never retracted her “All Lives Matter” stating even after being educated on why it was a rebuttal against Black Lives Matter and why she was on the wrong side. 

Now she is on social media screaming out for justice for her cousin. Store surveillance shows that Russell did have a gun. Police claim they shot him because he was coming toward them aggressively with the gun. We’ve been down this road before and no better than take a cop’s word for it, for the ones with power usually abuse it. Now I won’t get into the numerous events of white people aggressively charging officers with weapons and living to tell the tale of white privilege. 

 I would like justice for T-Boz’s family but unfortunately, I don’t believe it will come. No black person’s name holds enough weight to tip the scale of white supremacy. I want T-Boz to know sticking together is essential to this fight and not alienating oneself with or without malice as an other. 

Death at the hands of American police can happen to any black person.

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