Mother And Daughter, A Dynamic Duo: Why Did We Have To Lose Debbie Reynold And Carrie Fisher?

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I've had enough of 2016

Carrie Fisher was best known for her breakout role as Princess Leia in Star Wars but I knew her as Bailey Smith in my favorite movie ‘The Women’. Though I’m not a Star Wars fan I understand it’s cultural significance and the impact Princess Leia has made on the world. Honestly, Star Wars will never stop being a thing. Princess Leia costumes are still being worn every Halloween, so there’s that. Carrie’s mother Debbie Reynolds was Hollywood royalty, she voiced Tommy’s grandma LuLu Pickles on Rugrats and she played Grace’s mother in Will & Grace. One of her most memorable roles for me was her guest star role as Truby on the Golden Girls. 

So tonight my heart is heavy, not just as fan, but as a daughter. My heart goes out to Billie Lourd, she lost her mother and grandmother within two days. I can’t fathom what I would do in this situation and so I’m mourning for her and praying for her in this rough time. 

2016 has been relentless. It has taken away from us people who have inspired us to aim a little higher, laugh a little louder and enjoy life – whether it be through the their music or acting. But it is not their gifts that make these losses so callous, for everyone we lost this year a lot died with them. This was indeed the year of death. 

“I miss her so much. I want to be with Carrie.”


These were Debbie Reynolds’s last words before she had a stroke 15 minutes later, a stroke that would later become fatal. Before I knew for sure, I’d assumed a broken heart is what took Debbie away from this world – now I’m sure. To lose a best friend is treacherous, to lose a child is traumatic, to lose both can prove to be fatal. 


We are supposed to leave this earth AFTER our parents. But I’ll tell you this, I pray to the Gods above that I never experience losing a child that I am fortunate enough to spend physical time and share an unbreakable love with. That degree of devastation is exhausting to think about. I, just like Debbie Reynolds will most likely have to shed my physical self and move on to the spiritual world with my baby lighting the way — and we’ll arrive there, hand in hand.

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