What Started As A Medicaid Scam Turned Into A Gun Draw

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James Thomas should probably still be in jail but the way the law is set up his on lifetime parole, for a murder he was involved with in 1983. And his accomplice? Oh Fredrick Fielder. He’s apart of the Bloods gang and has been arrested 12 times. 

Fielder and Thomas decided to meet up at the pawn shop on E. 167th street in front of a pawn shop in the Bronx to discuss their Medicaid scam. Yes, the two men who we could name career criminals and there would be no lies told were planning to defraud Medicaid. All this mess going with the repeal of the ACA and these twos are trying to get paid off of Medicaid. 

The two weren’t seeing eye-to-eye and soon a crowded block in the Bronx turned into an Old Western fast draw. According to police 17 shots were fired and one hit a 4-year-old Calsie Bollock, the daughter of Fielder’s girlfriend. Calsie suffered a graze wound to the back, thankfully she will be ok. 

After all of this, depending the fate of Thomas and Fielder they may shake hands – and go right back to planning this Medicaid scam.


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