Mad At Nicki Minaj For Being On A Gospel Song? You’re The Problem.

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I’d never heard of Tasha Cobbs until Tuesday night. 

I was in the kitchen cooking when I heard a voice that stopped me in my tracks and give it my undivided attention. Tasha Cobbs was performing her latest single ‘I’m Getting Ready’ on Black Girls Rock. Her voice shook me too my core and moved me to tears. She has THE gift, not just a gift. 

I few days later I heard the news of Nicki Minaj being featured on a gospel song. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t surprised. The news was intriguing so of course I went to go and figure what gospel singer was walking around with so much of an open mind. You have to admit an artist like Nicki being featured on a gospel song is highly unusual but times are changing. Before I heard the song I saw the lyrics and I was on the fence about Nicki’s verse. I’m allowed to change my mind and it is so. I heard the song and I like it. The only thing I would change about Nicki’s verse is the beginning, it’s very bragadocious. Take a look for yourself. 

Yo, aye yo, beach house vibes maneuver the jetski
‘Cause-’cause I serve the God that parted the red sea
Multi-million dollars commercials for Pepsi
From food stamps to more ice with Gretzky
I don’t gotta talk the Lord defends me
I watch them all fall for going against me
‘Cause me and all my angels shot the devil up

While you was trying to pulled me down I leveled up

I leveled up twice, I leveled up three times
He tapped ’em and told ’em “She’s mine”
So even when I cried I knew I’d be fine
Prepare for a miracle blessing in these times
Now praise Him, raise Him, name it, claim it
Every tongue that rises up against me, shame it
I breathe success in and out my lungs

I got the power of life and death comin out my tongue


And you guessed it some black Christians are mad because we all know how provocative Nicki Minaj can be. 

These are the same people who listen to their pastors tell them to spread the world of God to anyone who will listen. So why not introduce the fans of Nicki Minaj to God through Gospel music like Tasha Cobbs’s. Isn’t the merging/collaboration of different artists one the greatest things about music? 

Jay-Z teaming up with Linking Park introduced a lot rock fans to Jay-Z and a lot hip hop fans to Linkin Park. It was one the dopest collaborations I’ve ever witnessed. Rihanna and all of her collaborations with different artists have introduced fans to music they otherwise wouldn’t listen to. I’m sure there are a lot of Christians who would like to keep their vulgarity private, in the bedrooms. The young liberated ones are different and they can absolutely love both Tasha and Nicki. Imagine what this collaboration has done for folks who loves gospel music and hip hop. This is a different kind of merge because Nicki is such a mainstream artist. 

You never know who you can touch. 

The song is dope and I would like to see more gospel artists and rappers collaborating.

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