Nicki Minaj’s “Miley, What’s Good?” Has Been Turned Into A Jersey Club Mix

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Ooooh I love the internet! 

And leave it to somebody on the internet to turn something as epic as Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus on the VMAs into some damn house music. I am giggling as I’m typing because THIS is so me. I’m no club hopper but please believe me, if there is ever a bbq, graduation party, ratchet baby shower, birthday party, anywhere that I hear this song – I am going AWF! 

Jersey club is definitely unique in it’s own way and I am indeed a Jersey girl which makes this mix even more fitting. I am overjoyed at the slayage that has been embedded in this track. 

And special thanks to the Soundcloud user Gared for uploading such a ratchet masterpiece. You will forever have a place in my heart. 

And one more thing: Please get into the comments on Soundcloud. They are epic!  

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