No Matter How Many Times Waka Cheats Tammy Will Come Back Because Her Logic On Cheating Is Flawed

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The notion is when you tell your friend to do better and leave the man that has betrayed her and hurt her you want her to be lonely, like you. Sadly, this is logic that men have adopted as a proverb in their Fuck Nigga Bible to shame women into staying with their no good asses. 

Nobody wants to be lonely, though being lonely doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. You can be lonely in a relationship, shit – I’ve been there.

We were introduced to Tammy Rivera as a cast member of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta later she became Waka Flocka’s wife. They met in Miami and according to Tammy, for Waka it was love at first sight. When I first met him he said he knew that I was the woman he wanted to be with.”

Recently Tammy decided to leave Wacka and she made it very clear that the reason behind their separation was not because of Wacka’s infidelity, for her they “just grew apart”. But 2014, Tammy admitted that Waka favorite pastime was cheating. Though she believed he changed for her – he once told her that she and her daughter Charlie made him feel like he had purpose. Unfortunately all the purpose and inspiration in the world couldn’t stop Wacka for being unfaithful. 

In this 2014 interview Tammy insisted that she wouldn’t put up with cheating, she’s found texts but she’s never caught Waka in the act. Tolerating cheating would mean that she was giving up her morals. Yet, she stayed in her relationship and even went on to marry him. 


Certainly complicated for anyone that’s on the outside looking in, what’s going on in Tammy’s brain and in her heart seem to be two different things and she’s confused as well. While I don’t proclaim her as stupid in love it’s an observation that most would agree with. Tammy tried to save face and clap back when it got out that Waka had a relationship with a woman for three out of the five years he and Tammy were together. Instagram posts lead us to believe what we all knew was true: Waka was a dog.

In 2014 Tammy admitted that Waka cheats constantly, but it seem that she was ready to face that reality because she didn’t catch him in the act. Like she had to see it to believe, though she’s found evidence. The evidence is real but the crime being committed seemed to be a figment of ones imagination because she didn’t see it happen – what a horrible detective she would be.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is still airing though I know the show wrapping taping months before airing I was shocked to find that Tammy is expecting and she and Waka are working on their marriage. I applaud them for trying to mend their relationship but, what bothers me is the Waka’s intentions.

Being remorseful over social media and vowing to become a better man is – nice but, what matters is what you do behind closed doors. And I hope for Tammy, her daughter Charlie and their unborn baby’s sake that Waka really tries this time.

Waka seems to have grown a thick skin and could care less what others think of his relationship while others’ observation seem to warrant a response from Tammy. 

Tammy and Waka battled it out on Periscope when Waka proclaimed that what others say didn’t move him. He believes that anyone that is against a man redeeming himself and being better is a hater and wants Tammy to be lonely and bitter like them. The declaration seems to be easy way out for men, instead admitting they’re wrongs and realizing that their woman deserves better they shame the women who speak such empowerment. Honestly, its a scary thought to realize that your partner may snap out of it and realize they deserve better than what you’re offering them and leave. I get that. 

Waka also has a disappointing, antiquated view on marriage/relationships. He believes Tammy is there to raise him and steer him in the right direction as if he resided in her womb for nine months — interesting. 

Here’s the video:

Tammy is clearly more competent than Waka and in a relationship you would hope that you can learn from each other, doesn’t look like there is much that Tammy can learn from Waka. It’s humorous  that Miss Deb is the one that everyone runs to for advice on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but her son seems to need the most help. 

Just for entertainment purposes and a little bit of hope for their marriage I would love to see these two on Iyanla: Fix My Life. 

What do yall think? Will this marriage last or will Tammy leave again? 




  • shanna

    The marriage may last, but she may never be truly happy untill waka changes his ways and his views.

    • IAmShataiya

      I agree. I hope that she realizes she can do much better or I hope that he matures in a way that she needs because he’s simply not all the way there.

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