Omarosa The Obsolete Banned From White House Meetings

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Looks like tacky, tawny Trump is just not that into Omarosa anymore.

Chief of Staff General John Kelly has put an end to the Trump and Omarosa Manigults’s mind-boggling relationship. Disorderly conduct and lack of boundaries have been prevalent in the White House since Tang took office in January. Omarosa has been known to feed Trump his “fake news”. Sources say she walks right in delivers articles and has him look at news stations to rile him up. That seems like sabotage since we knows the lengths Trump will go when anybody says anything about him he views as negative. 

Omarosa has also took it upon herself to barge into meetings that she isn’t invited to, constantly. It’s been something the White House staff has been very annoyed with. We know that no one would dare confront Omarosa, so there was a more diplomatic position taken. Omarosa is now on the White House’s “no fly” list which means she banned from meetings. Her position is the White House is artificial, which has caused Donald Trump to relinquish his efforts, if any to allow clearance for Omarosa. 

Omarosa has campaigned for the last few months on her being such a loyal pet to the President and now she’s being booted out. I guess 14 years of knowing someone and proving loyalty doesn’t mean much. And now we can all sit back and laugh a hearty laugh at the woman who claims be down while backing a President doused in white supremacy. 

The tea is exceptionally hot today. 

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