Who Passed Tyrese The Mic So He Could Spew His Misogyny?!

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BET don’t know whether they want to be progressive or give men like Tyrese a platform to spew their brow furrowing misogyny. 

Tyrese is a man of many words that don’t make sense, especially when he’s tweeting. He’s has listened to his inner voice which has been wrong as hell in telling him that his advice is actually good for people to hear, a lot like Steve Harvey. 

When Tyrese is not shooting the prequels and sequels of the Fast & Furious franchise he is finding was to belittle women while masking it as well-meaning advice. Tyrese recently got married. Congratulations to him. But you would think someone that’s happily married would focus on being just that. They’re in the honeymoon phase it should be all about them but, Tyrese decided to get his brace knuckle head on video praising single women who aren’t having sex and demonizing the ones that are. 

I don’t ever hear or see Tyrese give THIS advice to men. It seems to me that the women who decide to have sex make Tyrese uncomfortable especially because, these are not the one’s he can shame into being sexless. He can’t make them feel for less than for getting their sexual needs fulfilled by a man while he covers his ears and closes his eyes when he sees any man taking the same exact action. 

Nobody should ever take any of Tyrese’s advice seriously and if you find yourself agreeing with anything he says about “promiscuous women” you need to check yourself. 

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