Stronger Than Ever S7 Ep 1 – The Beverly Hills Babes Are Back!

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Welcome back Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and happy 45TH Birthday Erika! 

This woman doesn’t look a day over 30! She’s flawless! 

Her birthday gift that emerald lion ring! Wooo! That costed a pretty penny but who cares it’s Beverly Hills. You spend some and there will be more in your bank account the next day. It’s time for a Beverly Hills party! 

Lisa’s new dog Harrison is so adorable! All the fluff! I just want to squeeze and hug the little guy. I’m also wondering if Jiggy is jealous. The dinner with PK and Dorit was a little uncomfortable when Kyle showed up. I like PK and Dorit as a couple, they seem very on the wild side. Kyle cut her hair, it looks great. I’m going to miss her Rapunzel-ness. And of course Kyle was being bitchy about Dorit’s “English accent” (during the confessionals) because that’s just who Kyle is. Kyle’s jokes often come off the wrong way which is how she finds herself in so much trouble. She doesn’t mean any harm, but it’s one of her flaws, she’s very comfortable around people she’s just met. Everybody ain’t ya friend, Kyle.  Dorit and Kyle hit it off, but don’t get too close Kyle, we all know how LVP is about her friends – they’re her possessions.  Dorit brought up Dubai. Ooooh touchy subject, girl – touchy subject. And just the mentioning of Dubai let’s me know that what happened in Dubai isn’t going to stay there and it’s going to spill out over into this season. 

Lisa Rinna got a new car from Harry Hamlin! And the car screams SEX! Very Bond girl to me. Lisa proclaimed that she doesn’t have time for bullshit this season but we will see. 

Eileen sat down for lunch with Erika and Kyle. Eileen revealed that she lost her mom before the reunion. So sorry for her loss. She really kept it together during the reunion. Kyle’s show about her life is in the works. According to the tabloids her sisters are not happy about it at all, but they’ll live. Yolanda is doing much better per Erika and that’s the best news. 

Lisa Rinna’s daughter is now a model, I mean when you’re pretty like her what’s the alternative? Eileen and Lisa R. are really in character for Erika’s party. Faux fur, sequins mini dresses, and wigs – oh my! We know Erika well and we should all know by now that she is not to be out done, ever!  Especially not at her own party! Beach blonde extensions, and a skin tight gown with a slit that would make Angela Jolie’s leg run and hide. 

LVP saw Lisa R. and couldn’t be cordial without throwing jabs because what for? It would all be so simple if LVP’s passive aggressiveness didn’t go hand-in-hand with her breathing but Dorit was nice about it. She let Lisa R. know that she’ll form her own opinion of her. Good. 

Another surprise for Erika: Her mommy! Her mother is stunning why am I surprised? It was adorable that she wanted everyone to see her mother. 

Besides LVP making difficult for Lisa R. and Eileen to co-exist with her I think we’re going to have a great season! 

 Next week: Dorit’s 40th Birthday Bash!!!

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