Scientists Say It’s Safest To Cum In Someone’s Eye

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The safest place to shoot your sperm-filled shot is in somebody’s oculus.  Isn’t that a grand revelation?

Issa was completely off her rocker when she partook in a bomb ass head session and scored. It was a place she’d never been and we know what happens when shit is unfamiliar to her. That kind of ejaculation is a win, but it’s Awkward Issa and who are we to expect nothing less. This experience is foreign to me but at least Issa closed her eyes. If Daniel doesn’t have a balanced diet he could’ve chemically burned her cornea.

Unfortunately for Issa, she doesn’t understands the rules of head: In your mouth or over your shoulder, dear. You don’t get up in a panic and act a fool because the man’s didn’t stick the landing. You play it cool, grab a towel and get your cervix massaged. Issa went home with not one orgasm and an embarrassing story to tell, and shame on her. Maybe she’ll learn her lessons next time and put on some bomb ass sunglasses.

Don’t ejaculate in someone’s eye. I won’t kill you but it’s probably not safe.

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