So Nobody On Kendall And Kylie’s Team Thought This Was A Bad Idea?

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In the hood when you steal things you get your ass beat.

And I refuse to believe that people sat around, discussed these tragic designs and nodded their heads in agreement to their release. But me being optimistic about white people with a lot of money is damaging – I’m creating false hope for us regular folks and I’m sorry. Let me be realistic: Rich white people don’t give a damn about anybody they just want to make money.

And no matter how many times Kendall and Kylie apologize you know in the next few weeks they’re going to try and get away with stealing something else. SWIPER NO SWIPING! 

There is harm in people thinking too highly of themselves Kendall and Kylie are perfect examples. I’m wondering what type of hierarchy they’ve created in their minds that would allow them to produce a vision of their mediocre faces being plastered atop of musical legends. Fame is not the same as iconic or legendary. Kardashian/Jenner fame is not and never will be tantamount to what Biggie, Tupac, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, The Door or Kiss have done in their genres of music.

And just like anyone else who is smelling themselves to much sometimes it takes loved ones to sit you down and let you know that you ain’t the cat’s meow and you gone have to sit down and be humble. And with this comes a question that I’ve been pondering for hours: Where is Kanye, Tristan, Tyga, Kadijah and Malika, Jourdyn and all the other black people that in the Kardashian/Jenner circle?

This the perfect example of how some black men check when they get with non-black women. How the hell you gone let these women disrespect your culture? And this why so many people have a problem with black men because their intentions in a interracial relationship are almost always never good. This looks a lot like black men dating white women to distance themselves from blackness all while letting their white girlfriends profit off of it.

The black women in the Kardashian and Jenner circle ain’t shit either because I’m sure there hasn’t been a heart-to-heart conversation about their appropriation. These women are still up in Instagram pics and on the Kardashian show like Diddy in Bad Boy videos. What are you doing sis? Those Kardashian checks that good huh?

The Backlash

Biggie’s mother was the first to speak out against against Kylie and Kendall with this message on Instagram and the rest followed:


Kendall and Kylie felt pressure to apologize and quickly. You can tell by how quickly and insensitive this apologize was. Btw Kylie never issue one herself. This is all from Kendall’s Twitter account.


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