The Tale Of A Girl Who Didn’t Know How To Mind Her Damn Business

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Should we mind our business at all times of the day? Negative. Because some things just are worth minding. We’ve all done it, we’ve all taken a picture of a person, place or thing uploaded it and had a few good laughs or started much needed dialogue. 

But sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words and you don’t know any of those words –you don’t know shit.  And instead of guessing, it’s best for you to refrain from uploading the photo that has your Twitter fingers twitching. Stop. Think about it. 

These pictures are worth a few words and they tell a much needed tale: The Tale Of A Girl Who Didn’t Know How To Mind Her Damn Business 



What isn’t understood often needs to be explained. And when it is explained and you’re loud and wrong, it hurts. You gotta a big ego? Too big? Too wide? That’s too damn bad. You can be like that girl who didn’t mind her business or you can be at peace. You are in charge of your own destiny. 

You are one post away from injecting yourself into pure chaos. So even you get that itch to post a photo that’s worth a thousand words – words that you don’t know, don’t scratch.

Shake it off and remember this tale – the tale of the girl who didn’t know how to mind her damn business. 

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