The Daily News Is Shady For This Bill Cosby Cover

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Bill Cosby Daily News Cover

It’s probably wrong that I laughed at this but dammit it’s funny. The majority of the page is filled with “She said”s and the fact of the matter is that this page represents what is going on in Bill Cosby’s life right now. Let’s skip the whole feeling sorry for him part. 

Let’s talk about why Montgomery County DA pressed charges against Bill Cosby. Right after this woman, Andrea Condstand was assaulting she went to the police station and they refused to go any further with the investigation because – Bill Cosby. Now this district attorney has made it his business to charge William. Now there’s something else that not everybody knows. 

This District Attorney is also looking to be re-elected and there’s a campaign commercial out clearly stating that THIS district attorney goes after sexual predators. Could he wanted to be re-elected as district attorney be the motive for these charges against Bill Cosby? I think so but let’s be clear if the investigation was done when it was supposed to be done today would have been just a regular, degular, schmegular day. 

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