There’s A Lot Of Low Budget Going On In Momma Dee’s Video

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Who’s doing the thinking in Atlanta? 

Atlanta is the mecca of black excellence in show business.  So why was Momma Dee’s video for her new song ‘In That Order’ feat. Yung Joc filmed in the same format as a low budget, straight to DVD movie? I know for sure Mona Scott had no parts in the travesty, because while Momma Dee may have felt like she was in the Bills, Bills, Bills video she looked like she was in Nora’s Hair Salon. I ain’t saying I’m surprised but this may be an unpopular opinion: This song is a bop! 

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 6.49.48 PM

Now I won’t blast it with the windows rolled down but I’ll damn sure have it at a moderate noise level with the windows rolled up and the AC on. Yall won’t clown me for my sophisticated-ratchet selection of music.

Yung Joc, correct me if I’m wrong had one hit and has since made a delicate comeback as one of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s cast members. My people down in Atlanta know better than me but has Yung Joc being creating local hits that the rest of the nation isn’t privy to? Because he hopped on Momma Dee’s track and slathered it in ad-libs, auto-tuned ad-libs. My first reaction was displeasure but I’ve found a way to say something nice, as I am trying my best to be more positive these days. 

From the wardrobe to the choreography all of it was a low down dirty shame but I like the song though. 

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