To The Side Chicks That Couldn’t Get A Flight Back Home

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There are plenty of stupid people in the world. I am learning that day after day after day, but this kind of stupidity and embarrassment could have easily been avoided. You can’t stop people from being side chicks. Their perception of their self-worth won’t allow them to do so. But my God, if you’re going to be a side chick try your best to move in silence and have the right tools to be a side chick that lives in peace. 

Rule 1: Get a round trip ticket sis! What are you doing?! If he says he can’t afford a round trip ticket then he can’t afford to see you and that’s the end of that. You should only compromise with YOUR man, not a man you’re sharing with another woman. Refer to rule 2 if you haven’t succeeded at rule 1. 

Rule 2: (This is for any woman): Have a fund for a flight back home. Men lie every day. He may tell you he’s going to fly you back home but there’s chance that AFTER he has sex with you he’s not going to. That says more about him than you, so have that plane ticket money ready and have money for a hotel if you end up staying away from home for an extra day. 

Rule 3: Don’t contact his girlfriend or wife yapping your gums about what transpired between you and her man, because chances are it’s going to end up on social media, your stupidity will be magnified and we’ll all laugh. 

Rule 4: Take your L and go! Listen if you lost then you lost. We win some and we lose some, but don’t run to social media for pity. You won’t get it. Just go home with your tale between your legs. Journal about it and for cautionary memories title it your experience: ‘That Time I Was A Fool For Dick’ 

That’s all I have for now. If you’re going to do something stupid and immoral at least have the upside be that you were pretty damn smart in action. 

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