Vanderpump Rules RECAP: Episode 7, Season 1

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            Jax & Laura Leigh: Jax is digging himself into a deeper hole day by day.  After his breakup with Stassi his girlfriend of two years, he moved right own to the next with fellow co-worker Laura Leigh. It’s been said that Laura Leigh had some kind of addiction. Apparently, it’s an addiction to alcohol. Later on in the episode Jax accompanied Laura Leigh to an AA meeting where she described her past demons and the incriminating behavior she partook in. Needless to say Jax was caught off guard, so caught of guard that he made a conscious decision to confront her. Before his approach he battled with himself on whether after this meeting would be the appropriate time. Jax confessed to Laura Leigh that he thought they should “slow things down” while still continuing their intimate relationship. Bummer.  In a state of shock Laura ran outside and plopped down on the curb, while Jax following close behind.

Stassi: Stassi and Scheana had their Kumbaya moment last episode which caused Scheana to invite Stassi to the pool. As we know Stassi is a blogger for Pandora Vanderpump (Lisa’s Daughter). Stassi’s article was due in to Pandora, around the same time Stassi decided to prance up to the pool. She pulled her laptop out and pretty much gave up on the article and ignore Pandora’s phone calls regarding her unmet deadline……

Scheana: Peter made the mistake of scheduling Scheana to work Lisa’s Party at Villa Blanca. Scheana missed her audition because, she was told that the party was very important and she needed to be there. We all know about Scheana and Brandi Glandville’s tumultuous relationship. Lisa decided at the last minute that she didn’t want Scheana working her party after all because, Brandi would be in attendance. Kristen and Peter (SUR manager) decided that Scheana would trade places with Kristen. Peter made a phone call to Scheana informing her of the changes. Needless to say Scheana was pissed. She walked out telling Peter that she “wasn’t going to work.” She ran in the bathroom and proceeded to have a nervous breakdown until boss lady Lisa came in, telling her that this was nonsense and she needed to get her act together. Lisa is almost always the voice of reason.


Stassi & Pandora: Pandora made an appearance in last night’s show, confronting Princess Stassi. Stassi has shown out since the beginning of the season. We’ve all known Lisa to say that the reason Stassi hasn’t been fired is because she’s Pandora’s friend/employee. Frankly, it was time that someone sat Stassi down and confronted her about her bratty behavior. It’s disgusting. Pandora and Lisa said they’d give Stassi one last chance to prove herself. One. Last.Chance.

Stassi & Laura Leigh: Stassi walked into SUR surprised. Peter informed her that she would have to be in Laura Leigh’s presence that night. Stassi was annoyed but remembered her warning from Lisa. Laura Leigh approached her the matter that is Jax. Stassi stunned Laura Leigh by telling her that Jax is constantly texting her telling her he misses her. Laura Leigh didn’t really have a good response to that one, I mean, how could she? Stassi was visibly aggravated and didn’t want to ruin her chances with Lisa, so she requested to go home. Her wish was granted.

Stassi & Jax: Jax approached Stassi telling her how much he missed her and how badly he wanted to be with her. Stassi’s response was that she didn’t want to be in a relationship but, they could be friends. She didn’t completely write Jax off, stating that there was a chance that they could get back together in the future just not right now. Jax was obviously fine with that.

Jax & Laura Leigh: Let’s just say that this relationship is OVER! Laura is accusing Jax of not calling her or texting her at all. We all knew this was going to happen. Laura Leigh was just Jax’s play thing. Laura Leigh pretty much embarrassed herself informing the customers on her relationship with Jax and telling Jax that he was a coward. She added that Jax would not be able to get rid of her and neither would that “whore,” referring to Stassi of course.

This episode was very entertaining but, it gets better next week. Looks to me like Mr. Jax has gotten himself into more trouble and Stassi will indeed be in tears.



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