Watched ‘Gone Girl’ For The First Time And I’ve Come To A Conclusion

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I’m going to be honest. I don’t believe I’ve ever watched a movie that Ben Affleck played in. The only reason I know who he is and paid attention to him is because of his relationship with J.Lo. Horrible right?


When ‘Girl Gone’ was released in 2014 I was incredibly interested but never went to the movies to see it (that’s just how I do). In 2015 I found out that the movie was based on a book, never got the book (again that’s just how I do). One would say that I must not have been that interested and one would be correct. I kind of forget about with. 

But today I sat in my living room and really wanted to watch a movie, a good movie. On Demand was my first choice when it came to movie selections and I found ‘Gone Girl’. I tried to explain to my boyfriend what I thought the movie was about based on the trailer and conversations I’d heard about the movie. He agreed to watch. 

I’d heard people say that this movie was full of twists and turns but I really was not expecting the roller coaster plot and I have no complaints. After watching the first few minutes I thought someone kidnapped Amy and then I started to suspect Nick (Ben Affleck’s character/Amy’s husband). Their marriage seemed magical, fun and young. It seemed fresh, always recreating itself like they were never going to get sick of each other– like they would one day gloat to younger couples about how they grew more in love with each other over the years and it wouldn’t be a lie. 

Then something in me changed, the evidence wasn’t really there Nick seemed far too concerned, like genuinely concerned about the disappearance of Amy. The detective Rhonda Booney was a pain in the ass. When she first arrived to Nick’s house after he discovered that Amy had disappeared I felt like she’d already suspected Nick as being a key suspect in Amy’s disappearance. 

Nick seemed entirely innocent until I found out about his mistress. Unfortunately for him and many real-life husbands in the world when their wife is missing and they have a mistress the assumption is that they most likely have something to do with their wife’s death. I watch too much ID Channel for me to let that idea slip through my fingers. 

But I wasn’t so sure until Amy appeared. Amy admitted to framing Nick because she was upset at him for cheating and using her for her money. I was completely shocked. She’d strategically framed her husband for her disappearance and ultimately her death. The story of her framing her ex-boyfriend surprised me. But then I’d realized that she’d just upgrading for framing and ex for rape to framing a spouse for murder. 

Poor Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris). He was a dunce.  I don’t remember what story Amy told to convince him that he should “save” her. But he undoubtedly remembered his history with her and affirm that she was controlling and conniving, so why give her the chance to put you in that position again? 

After Amy heard Nick’s interview, she was shocked that he knew what she was up to. I could see it in her face, she was putting another plan into motion. One much more complex than the one she was committed to at the time.

Like I said earlier I am used to real life stories riddled with twists and turns. I am an avid watcher of Dateline, Snapped and the ID Channel, but what happened next was something that I’d never seen before.

Amy next antic consisted of once again framing someone for rape. That someone was Desi, her ex-boyfriend. But before she executed her plan my question was if she goes back home how the hell is she going to get away with not being dead?
Did I know for sure she would return home to Nick? No. Did I feel like it could happen? Sure. But how do you return home with confidence after expertly framing your husband for your murder? I had so many questions and I needed answers!

When Amy roughed Desi before he went off to work- tousled his hair, ripped open his shirt and bit his lip, I knew that this was the beginning. When he left she created her rape alibi. Shoving a wine bottle up her vagina, tying hemp string around her wrists, hitting herself in the eye with a hammer and making sure the camera caught her Oscar-worthy anguish. When Desi returned home little miss Amy met him with a sadistic yet seductive aura and persuaded him to make sweet love to her – only what may have been sweet to him would soon turn fatal. While on top of her, Amy reached under the pillow and sliced Desi’s neck in with what looked like a box cutter; not only is she a lie but now she’s a murderer. 

After her gruesome actions she went back home to Nick. The Nick she’d framed because she was upset with him for cheating, for not having a job, for convincing her to spend the last of her savings on a bar that wasn’t generating any income. Cameras and reporters watched in awe as Amy opened her door and wearily walked into her husband’s arms covered in Desi’s blood. 

She told Nick the truth, she lied and killed Desi on purpose. It was all apart of her plan. Nick was ready to leave her but she let him know that she was pregnant and could make their child hate him even more than the press would if he left her. So he reconsidered and decided to stay.  The End. 

What boggled my mind for the remainder of the night was how many women have gotten away with this. I know there are many especially, if they’re rich. Not many of them are WOC though, not with the stereotypes plaguing WOC it’s very rare that it would happen, especially here in America. 

This whole scenario, this whole book, the culture, the movie, oh it’s definitely a white woman’s game. 

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