When Will We Hold Biggie Accountable?

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It’s been 20 years since the death of the Notorious B.I.G and I still cock my head to the side when I see Faith and Lil’ Kim in the same vicinity – simply because I always wondered what the dynamic between them is like. 

I’ve heard Faith numerous times in interviews denounce the rumor that she and Lil’ Kim are still feuding but I’ve never heard anything from Kimberly’s mouth. And last year I was flabbergasted that Faith got up on stage and spilled a small of tea about she and Kim’s past while honoring her at the Hip Hop Awards. 

Twenty years and Kim has been mourning someone else’s husband. Granted Big was in a situationship with her first. Kim was manipulated by Big, just like many of us have been. He whispered sweet nothings in her ear and told her that he loved her before and after he beat her. It’s not secret that one the best rappers in Hip Hop was an abuser. 

The question is can we hold a dead man accountable? 

Biggie played Kim for a fool but she still loved him and twenty years later it’s evident that that love won’t fade. She’s been forced to move on because she’s had to. He’s not here in the physical world, she carried his memory on her back and continued on with her career. But there’s something in me that doesn’t believe that the love triangle Big cultivated would have ever become duo if he was still here today. The only way I can see that happening is if he lived through March 1997  and Faith got off the love train. The more history you have the harder it is to let go but, I also believe that Big still being alive could have hindered Kim’s success and her life. 

I would love to know if the men of Bad Boy stood around and watched Big beat Kim like men stood around and watched Dr. Dre beat Michel’le; are these the people that she still refers to as family? And I wonder where those people were when Big locked Kim in a room preventing her from doing a ‘Luv You For Life’ remix with Jodeci. Kim refers to Big as being “very protective” but Big was abusive – plain and simple. 

How convenient it must be for people to be able to separate male rapper’s success in their careers with the fact that a lot of the times they meet all the requirements to be Ain’t Shit men, but let a woman do anything out of the category of being a “Down Ass Bitch” and they will do everything to discredit her success. 

I forgot to add that that love triangle became more of a square when Charli Baltimore and Biggie met. There was a diamond ring involved. I don’t know for sure if there was a proposal. Charli Batlimore and Faith have a lot in common physically, and these were the two women that Big bought rocks for. Again, Kim the brown girl left out. Kim: The one with the most history with Big.  Kim: The one that worked her ass off for the approval of the man who hurt her time and time again. This could play a lot into the reason Kim felt insecure about her looks and why she turned to plastic surgery for gratification. Kim was never rewarded for her loyalty and love for Big, when the two light skin women got rewarded soon after they’d met Notorious B.I.G. 

Kim moved on after Big’s death and even almost married Scott Storch, but the marks that Big left on her heart are way more powerful than the ones he left on her body. And Kim has chosen to let that love live while trying desperately to suffocate the pain that “Big Poppa” bestowed upon her. 

After knowing all this can separate the man from the legend? And can you hold the man accountable? 




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