White Supremacy Is Colorblind

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There will be more just like him.

Philando Castile’s fate is not unique, though this case may be. And even still – you can probably do some digging and find a case of a black man, abiding by an officer’s rules and still being murdered. Having faith in the system is emotional torture. There is historical proof that America will never treat black people equal to whites. We were stolen for labor and now that that kind of slavery is antiquated we are being thrown in prison (the new slavery) and/or murdered. White people worship black culture but don’t give a damn about black people. 

But there is something unique about Philando Castile’s case like Trayvon Martin’s: Anti-blackness.

Castile was murdered by a Latino cop. We can talk about the depicted of black men across ethnic lines. There is always one perception that will remain the same: Black men are a threat.

This idea has been dangerous for black men and boys. White people know this, though they act like it is new to them once brought to their attention. Since white supremacy has successfully gained control of the minds of people across countries and ethnicities it’s not rare to see black men in any country being treated as a threat. When Jeranimo Yanez saw Castile in his mind he was already a suspect of a burglary just because he had a wide nose (a very African facial feature). Castile was racially profiled and killed by a Latino cop, which has caused people to cringe a little more – people who believe that all black and brown people should stick together…when it benefits them.

How many times have you met a Dominican, Puerto Rican or anyone from a Latin country denying their African heritage? These denials of blackness are common. In these communities more often than not being black is negative. Though the drums that create Latin beats are very African, the native religion – very African, it is visible but unacknowledged. In turn, the darker skin folks and the folks with kinky hair are discriminated against; here they are with their African features, unable to blend in with their oppressors. 

Yanez is a part of a U.S terrorist group (police) and he could either adopt their ideologies or risk being harassed by fellow or officers and/or find a new career. He’d rather adapt to evil. This particular case shows that not all POC are on one side. Though this is something we should have known long ago. So just for future reference there is not such thing as white supremacy being applicable to whites only.

So before you say that someone can’t be racist against black people or anti-black remember that white people have conquered many lands and brainwashed many people into worshipping whiteness and despising blackness.


White supremacy is colorblind. 


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