While Apollo Was Flirting With Kenya He Was Sleeping With Porsha

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AllAboutTheTea.com is reporting that Todd dropped a huge bomb during the taping of the RHOA reunion. Mmmm hmmm. Phaedra thought Porsha was her good-good girl friend when in fact they shared the shared the same penis a time or two. That’s right! Todd revealed that Porsha slept with Apollo before he went off to prison. 


This is explains a lot. It explains why Porsha been stuck to Phaedra’s side like glue and even talking the fall for things that she’s said. Porsha has been right behind Phaedra like a loyal little puppy, even throwing away a friendship with her longtime friend Shamea. 

Porsha didn’t open her mouth once to defend her friend when Phaedra gave Shereé the bone that Shamea slept with every husband in Atlanta. She sat there in silence like maybe it was the truth. But she was quick to defend Phaedra when Shamea had a few words about her. 

Because what do you do when you have a secret of betrayal and you’re trying to rectify it internally? You become close to to the person you betrayed and you stick close to them becoming their vessel of information and holding the title of ‘Loyal Friend’ so they would never believe you’d betray them. Porsha is much smarter than we thought. But honestly, this is an amateur move that we became familiar with in elementary school. 

Porsha be careful of who you betray because karma is a bitch. 


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